Aunt Bessie’s

A Deeply Personal Campaign for Aunt Bessie’s


For a new, deeply personal campaign for Aunt Bessie’s titled ‘Caring is the hardest thing we do’, Hogarth teamed up with Grey to bring the creative to life.

The idea for the campaign came from very close to home for Grey London’s creative director Chris Clarke who wanted to create an homage to his “Nanna June” who was certified blind in her teenage years and was famous in his family for her standout Sunday roasts.

Aunt Bessie’s
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A Deeply Personal Campaign for Aunt Bessie’s

In what has become the ‘new normal’, the shoot for the campaign was undertaken remotely with one client attending the shoot and others connecting remotely via Evercast, with all social distancing guidelines followed on-set for the actors and crew.

The ad stars Julie Bennett, a blind woman (and also a grandmother) with no prior acting experience, playing June, and who spent half a day familiarising herself with the set before the ad was filmed.

Once the spot was shot, post production was also completed entirely remotely. The plan was originally to create a 30” and 20” deliverable, but once the team was in the edit, they realised that there was enough footage to make a 60” edit, which the client loved and agreed to go ahead with.

To invoke the era of the 90s when the spot was set, the offline files were sent to a specialist in Belgium who converted the digital file to film and then back to digital to make the spot look like it had been shot on film. When coupled with the 4:3 format, the film successfully transports the viewer to that time period.

Gramercy Park Studios, Hogarth’s post production facility, then completed all sound and colour post to finesse the finished product. The client also decided to add audio description to the final TVC as we featured a visually impaired lead.

A Deeply Personal Campaign for Aunt Bessie’s

As so much good footage was shot, the team decided to air the 60” TVC version of the ad first, which has also been cut down to a 30” and 20” versions, alongside a number of videos for social media.

“Hogarth made the remote shoot super easy and really it was just like being there. I actually see no reason for clients to attend shoots ever again – we had one man on the ground feeding in from us which made things much simpler for the creatives and director and using the laptop was just like looking at a monitor. The only thing I missed was the great food and endless snacks!”


– Sam Dolan, Head of Marketing, Aunt Bessie’s