Creating TikTok’s first UK TV ad in just one week


With most of the world currently living under lockdown, millions of us have turned to TikTok as a form of escapism, be it videos of Dame Judi Dench showcasing her dancing or people busting moves to Doja Cat.

To distract us all from a  challenging 2020 so far, TikTok wanted to make us feel a ‘little brighter inside’ by celebrating the lighter side of lockdown life with a little help from pop stars, chefs and a famous diver.


Agile Productions & Hogarth
GPS@Hogarth (Colour Grading, Sound Design, MGFX & VFX)
Creating TikTok’s first UK TV ad in just one week

Through the power of Zoom, the small and remote team at Hogarth, with a script by creative agency Social.Lab and production company Agile Productions - helped to organise the shoot, on-screen talent and send props to everyone featured in the shoot. 

Once the footage had been shot and uploaded, Hogarth’s post-production facility GPS took over delivering Colour Grading, Motion Graphics FX, Sound Design and VFX in only a matter of days. The post-production team wanted to ensure consistency and highlight TikTok’s distinctive branding and interface by using a bold and bright colour palette whilst recreating the transitions that the app has become known for. 

Creating TikTok’s first UK TV ad in just one week

In just one week, Social Lab, Agile Productions, Hogarth and GPS undertook the momentous task of creating two TV spots and a behind-the-scenes video that has a completely different feel to a lot of advertising currently being produced.

The ad, features TikTok users such as Gordon Ramsay and Tom Daley taking on challenges including the Blinding Lights dance challenge and the toilet paper jump challenge, is set to a remix of The Chordette’s Mr Sandman – hopefully bringing smiles to the faces of the millions who will view it.